New Year, New Yarns

It’s been a few weeks so let’s have a quick catch up of what’s going on….. Myra has returned from her cruise to see the Aurora Borealis which she saw while on a Skidoo! She managed to fit in plenty of knitting and has returned raring to go, shop opening armies are completely back to normal, including Knit’n’natters. The shop has had some new deliveries of yarn including these little treasures…

Gorgeous new yarn shades including Mars, Lilac, Amethyst, Saturn and Navy

The names of the yarns are not necessarily in the right order, I’ll let you see if you can assign them. Better still, home to the shop and have a squeeze, they are LOVELY. Also new in are these yarns

Shades 0338. 0192. 0336 0300 0337

And here the names are not necessarily in the right order, all the best with that one. Sublime yarns need very little explanation, they are completely gorgeous to knit with and the shades here, including a teal and brick are subtle and warm for winter.

Our Knit’n’natters are always popular, spending a couple of hours out of the house, away from anyone who is going to give you a list of things to do, people who knock on the door when you’re in the bathroom or a huge pile of ironing that won’t let you rest, some of us are all Fairisle, Shetland Wedding ring shall knitters, some of us can manage stocking stitch on a good day but everyone feels welcome.  If you fancy popping along, aftequieter and Tuesday evenings have a place for you.

If you fancy a new challenge, here’s what’s coming up over the next few weeks so that you can prepare

Friday 1st Feb   10-12 Bobbin Lace for Beginners.       £15

Sat 2nd Feb.   10-4.   Cabling for the Uninitiated         £40

Sat 9th Feb.    10-4. Following a Crochet Pattern.       £40

Sat 16th Feb. 10-4. Spinning.                                           £50

23rd Feb. 2-4. Finishing Techniques.                            £12.50

Just a little extra if you fancy something completely off the wall, next Tuesday evening we have a very talented weaver coming over from Heddles & Treadles Spinning and Weaving Guild to talk us through weaving with a table loom, costs £5 if you fancy it.  You know, they say you should do something that scares you every day! Speak to you next remembered em to follow us on Facebook Happy Knitting

Another New Year!!

We’ve safely made it into another New Year, who can believe that it’s 2013?

So,  new for 2013 we’ve been busy decorating the workshop area of the shop over the Christmas holiday.  While you were munching on your mince pies and mulled wine, some of us (Myra and Ian) were on a plank on a ladder revamping your favourite yarn shop.  There are still tweeks to be made, and hence no photo’s just yet but we promise a fresh new look for when we return to our regular Knit’n’natter schedule.

We’ll also be doing some visits to local Knit’n’natters in the area over the next couple of weeks to see what people in the local area are up to, so we may be coming your way (and with some freebies too).

Myra is away for a week or two on a well earned break so if you have any queries, Mark is your man, if he can’t fix it no-one can!

Just before I go, I wanted to post a link to this gorgeous beanie and scarf set as seen in the Winter edition of Twist Collective, something to make your mouth water.

Coesite by Rachel Coopey

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