Thinking of Spring

Further to last weeks post about spring…well it really does seem to be here, so here’s a wonderful scarf to knit for evenings sat in your local, enjoying their annual Beer Festival.

Katia have their Tutu and Papillon Scarf Yarns, perfect for a short project, each ball knits into a light ruffle scarf.

katia tutu

img_0-337tutu_katia_100_fThe patterns on the yarn are bright and cheerful, a little Cath Kidstonesque, or if that’s not your cup of tea, you can go a little more earthy

katia papillon

The comments from our customers are positive, these scarf yarns sell quickly because they’re a quick project with a big return.  Also, having a scout over at ravelry tells us that ravellers love it too.

You’ll need 4mm needles and the yarn is £9.95


New Adriafil Yarns

So what’s coming up in the next week at the shop?  Dare we say it, the weather seems to be cheering up slightly but there is definitely a chill that requires at least a cardigan or a shawlette.  Don’t we all just LOVE a shawlette!!!

So for the spring we have wonderful new yarns, we’ll be highlighting the yarns over the next few weeks and they will be in a window display the following week so you can see them in the flesh as it were.

Our first yarn in Adriafil Duo Comfort, a beautiful yarn in 52% wool, 48% cotton.  It’s £4.95 for 50g which is really reasonable and we have a large range of shades to tickle your tastebuds, take a look at these….

Shades are: Black 075, lemon 064, green 081
Shades are: Black 075, Lemon 064, Green 081
Blue 060, Light Pink 078, Beige 074
Deep Blue 082, Deep Pink 066, Beige 074
White 065, Light Pink 078, Light Blue 060
White 065, Light Pink 078, Light Blue 060

There is also a red shade which I left behind and will photo again.  It was a real treat to be able to take photos in the fresh air with, deep breath….the sun shining.

There are gorgeous patterns for this wool, supplied by Adriafil that are available in the shop, but I found this little freebie on Ravelry.  It’s Basilico Baby Cardigan by Typesetter

Basilico Baby Cardigan by Typesetter
Basilico Baby Cardigan by Typesetter

The link to the pattern is here

It’s rated as an easier project so maybe a good one to start off with if you have a friend expecting, and with the shades available we have the fashion choices of every new mum covered.

Keep an eye out for the yarns next week and until then x dns server