New Adriafil Sierra Andina Yarn

While we seem to be returning to winter in the UK at the moment, nature is carrying on regardless, including alpacas which are being shorn.  These beautiful and gentle animals provide knitters with a soft luxurious fibre that has a lustrous finish.

Alpaca’s are reportedly easy to keep, although I cannot comment on this first hand and are the lollypop heads of the camelid world once shorn.


from this,

imagesto this.

Well, we’re happy to stock some fabulous Adriafil Alpaca fibre in Knit Wise for you to come and have a look, a squeeze and even a knit of. (we promise you, once you squeeze it, you’ll want to knit it!)

Myra has chosen a palette of natural shades, to fit in with the feel of the alpaca, they are truly stunning.

five grey alpaca yarn

five brown alpaca yarn

The yarn range is called Sierra Andina, which, worryingly my autocorrect changed to Sierra Angina.  Here’s what you need to know

Sierra Andina is mt 133 (145,45 yards) approx to each 50 gram ball
Composition: 100% extrafine alpaca
Needles: 3,5 mm Gauge 4”=22 sts/30 rows

We have the following shades available now: 001, 002,030, 032, 033, 035, 086, 087, 088, 089.

They are truly beautiful yarns, please pop in and have a look.

chocolate brown

Saturday Patchwork Catch-up

Saturday’s workshop pootled along nicely with all the ladies completing their Grandma’s flower basket patchwork

workshop 1

The ladies were provided with full instructions and materials to set them on their way.

workshop 2

Their were tips given to get the most from your materials

workshop 5

workshop 6

And someone, who shall remain nameless, was able to make good use of their (many) Carlsberg containers.

We’ll continue with our Quilting classes with Cathedral Window Patchwork on Saturday July 13th. These classes are proving extremely popular, so be sure to book your place early.

Tomorrow, Nic from Feltipedia has a place available on tomorrow mornings Felt Bags Workshop if you’d like to join in the fun.

Get in touch via facebook, or give the shop a call on 01695 580590