It’s interesting to keep an eye on what’s going on in the high end of the fashion world now and again, if only to get inspiration.

Whilst wandering through the internet I came across this scarf from Toast – whose clothes I love.  This plain rib scarf is knitted in cashmere yarn which goes a long way to explain the £139.00 price tag Scarf


So we went on a hunt for a similar pattern – if it’s in Toast then it must be the height of chic!   This King Cole pattern fitted the brief- you might choose to make it longer and add a few stitches to make it wider so you can get that wrap around a few times effect.

King Cole Scarf Sets

So, because you’re only using two balls, you’ll be able to splash out on a gorgeous yarn, you’ll want something lovely and soft.

We recommend any of these yarns to make up this scarf

Everyone’s favourite, Stylecraft is great value and comes in a huge range of colours. This is Burgundy and two 100g balls will set you back £4.20.


Adriafil Regina – (which according to the label is the official speed knitting wool- who knew?) is slightly thicker than double knit, it being a European yarn. Its a gorgeous yarn, 100% merino so there’s that luxurious edge to it.  Four 50g balls will be £14.40  Not bad at all!


This Ophelia yarn from Sirdar is an acrylic/nylon/polyester mix which has the feel of fur and so is incredibly soft. It has a hint of glitter running through it so perhaps would be suitable for a glamourous evening out. Four 50g balls is £11.60.


Sirdar Sublime, is cashmere, merino and silk mix, it’s a gorgeous yarn in this soft shade. It’s getting nearer that Toast Cashmere feel and would be a treat every time you wore it and who doesn’t want cashmere, merino and silk wrapped round their neck in this weather!  Four 50g balls would be £22.00, not at all out of the way for such luxury.

So keep an eye out for garments that inspire you, tell us and we’ll have a look what we can match it with. We’ll be haute couture for a fraction of the cost – add in the therapy of the knitting and you’re laughing!

See you next time