New Year, New Ideas

Thank youWe, along with everyone else have dribbled back to work after a wonderful break. Of course with the New Year (along with diets and futile attempts to be healthier) comes new enthusiasm for the shop and everything that we do here.

We want to say a huge thank you for all the support you give us here.  We understand that you are quite able and within your rights to buy from huge internet warehouses or large hobby stores but you support a bricks and mortar local shop, we and Ormskirk are very grateful.

Our shop is like our little sanctuary, we love to have you pop in, have a brew and a chat and a knit with us, it’s a community within a community and we love to have you here.  So here’s to more of the same, we have more ideas bubbling and experiments to try out. If you’ve ideas to share, please do, we want to hear them and here’s to knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and felting for the foreseeable future!!

It’s interesting to keep an eye on what’s going on in the high end of the fashion world now and again, if only to get inspiration.

Whilst wandering through the internet I came across this scarf from Toast – whose clothes I love.  This plain rib scarf is knitted in cashmere yarn which goes a long way to explain the £139.00 price tag Scarf


So we went on a hunt for a similar pattern – if it’s in Toast then it must be the height of chic!   This King Cole pattern fitted the brief- you might choose to make it longer and add a few stitches to make it wider so you can get that wrap around a few times effect.

King Cole Scarf Sets

So, because you’re only using two balls, you’ll be able to splash out on a gorgeous yarn, you’ll want something lovely and soft.

We recommend any of these yarns to make up this scarf

Everyone’s favourite, Stylecraft is great value and comes in a huge range of colours. This is Burgundy and two 100g balls will set you back £4.20.


Adriafil Regina – (which according to the label is the official speed knitting wool- who knew?) is slightly thicker than double knit, it being a European yarn. Its a gorgeous yarn, 100% merino so there’s that luxurious edge to it.  Four 50g balls will be £14.40  Not bad at all!


This Ophelia yarn from Sirdar is an acrylic/nylon/polyester mix which has the feel of fur and so is incredibly soft. It has a hint of glitter running through it so perhaps would be suitable for a glamourous evening out. Four 50g balls is £11.60.


Sirdar Sublime, is cashmere, merino and silk mix, it’s a gorgeous yarn in this soft shade. It’s getting nearer that Toast Cashmere feel and would be a treat every time you wore it and who doesn’t want cashmere, merino and silk wrapped round their neck in this weather!  Four 50g balls would be £22.00, not at all out of the way for such luxury.

So keep an eye out for garments that inspire you, tell us and we’ll have a look what we can match it with. We’ll be haute couture for a fraction of the cost – add in the therapy of the knitting and you’re laughing!

See you next time


We’ve loved the Crochet Class over the last few weeks.  The ladies that have come along have been great fun and have thrown themselves into each week with huge enthusiasm.


Tomorrow (Tuesday 20 Nov)  we’ll be looking at crochet flowers and snowflakes which seems really popular seeing as everyone  is starting to think about…..ssshhhhh.

New things in the pipeline, Finishing Friday.  We’d like this to be a monthly event where you bring along your UFOs (unfinished objects) and spend the day with us.  It’s £5 for the day. Bring your lunch and we will bring you tea and/or coffee. What a treat!  So put the last Friday of each month in your diary and join us, because believe me if anyone has plenty of unfinished objects it’s us.

Aleo, for the spinners we’re launching the Saturday Spin In high will be held on the first Saturday of the month, 1-4pm .  This is an opportunity for spinners to meet together and spin. We al, think we’ll spin at home but we don’t so come way from the ironing and spin it’s friends.  We’d love to see you.  So there’s another date for your diary too!


Finishing Friday  30th October

Saturday Spin In  7th November


New Season Yarns Arriving

We can’t shout loud enough about the Mirasol Paqu Pura yarn.  This stunning 100% alpaca yarn will get you all of a lather over the new knitting season (which is what we are calling it, rather than even thinking of the A word).

Not only is the yarn incredibly beautiful, it helps to support local Peruvian shepherds and their families.  You can find out more here:

So here’s a few images to get your mouth watering, along with a few patterns that are available in the shop.

blue teal clo Shade 3105

black humbugShade 3110

blue lilac cloShade 3102

blue orange                                                          Shade 3109

grteen                                                         Shade 3101

brown hum                                                        Shade 3107

Feel like a humbug anyone?  While you’re enjoying that, take a look at these to get your juices really flowing.

blue bolero

hat scarf


Head over to our facebook page for a fabulous special offer. angola .

Adriafil Kid Mohair and More Showing Off

Last week saw Rosemary Johnson return to take us through our second of our patchwork workshops – Cathedral Window.  It’s a little more challenging but the ladies who attended all seemed to enjoy it and produced beautiful samples of work



emilys cathedralThese pieces show how differently colour can be used in patchwork and will be one of the areas Rosemary will take us through on her next workshop.  We’ve had such a great response to these workshops that we may have to move our next one to larger premises.  So watch this space for more information over the next few weeks.

Our featured yarn this week is Adriafil’s Kid Mohair.  This stunning yarn is light and yet warm, fantastic for an evening shawlette or warm for the onset of (dare we day it) Autumn.

We have a range of colours, Winter white 011, green 054, black 001 white  002, pink 004, grey 082
black kid mogreen kid mopink kid moblue kid mowhiote kid mo






















The yarn is 80% kid mohair and 20% nylon and is £6 per ball and we would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something that feels exquisite yet is a great price.

Back with more this week, including information about our childrens courses.


Summer knitting and showing off!

We are always happy to see the things that our Knit Wise ladies and gents knit, there is a huge variety of knitting and crochet going on in the Ormskirk area.  So, if you’ve completed a garment that you’re very happy with, why not pop over on a Wednesday morning and we will take a photo of it.  You don’t have to be in the picture if you don’t want to, but others may be inspired to knit when they see what you’ve accomplished.

Carole was kind enough to model this cardigan which was from her mum’s pattern collection from donkeys years ago.  It’s called Set for the City and Carole has updated the pattern slightly and use Stylecraft Special in white, denim and black.  So throw nothing away ladies, those patterns will come back (even the 80’s ones)

carole in cardy

Also, Mrs M who wants to remain anonymous knitted these stunning little bears.  They are absolutely lovely and deserve a mention.


This week, our window is dedicated to summer cottons, as we are ever hopeful at Knit Wise that the summer will eventually arrive.  Cottons are beautiful to knit with, as you know and Adriafil duo fits the bill for our summers, being 50% cotton, 50% wool.

black adriafilThe shades are: white 68, grey 80, black 75


traffic light adriafilyellow 64, red 72, green 74


pink blue adriafilbaby pink 78, pink 66, light blue 60

The yarns are £4.50 f0r 50g so reasonably priced, so grab yourself some summer knitting and don’t forget to show off to us when you’ve finished!



  car rental

New Adriafil Sierra Andina Yarn

While we seem to be returning to winter in the UK at the moment, nature is carrying on regardless, including alpacas which are being shorn.  These beautiful and gentle animals provide knitters with a soft luxurious fibre that has a lustrous finish.

Alpaca’s are reportedly easy to keep, although I cannot comment on this first hand and are the lollypop heads of the camelid world once shorn.


from this,

imagesto this.

Well, we’re happy to stock some fabulous Adriafil Alpaca fibre in Knit Wise for you to come and have a look, a squeeze and even a knit of. (we promise you, once you squeeze it, you’ll want to knit it!)

Myra has chosen a palette of natural shades, to fit in with the feel of the alpaca, they are truly stunning.

five grey alpaca yarn

five brown alpaca yarn

The yarn range is called Sierra Andina, which, worryingly my autocorrect changed to Sierra Angina.  Here’s what you need to know

Sierra Andina is mt 133 (145,45 yards) approx to each 50 gram ball
Composition: 100% extrafine alpaca
Needles: 3,5 mm Gauge 4”=22 sts/30 rows

We have the following shades available now: 001, 002,030, 032, 033, 035, 086, 087, 088, 089.

They are truly beautiful yarns, please pop in and have a look.

chocolate brown

Saturday Patchwork Catch-up

Saturday’s workshop pootled along nicely with all the ladies completing their Grandma’s flower basket patchwork

workshop 1

The ladies were provided with full instructions and materials to set them on their way.

workshop 2

Their were tips given to get the most from your materials

workshop 5

workshop 6

And someone, who shall remain nameless, was able to make good use of their (many) Carlsberg containers.

We’ll continue with our Quilting classes with Cathedral Window Patchwork on Saturday July 13th. These classes are proving extremely popular, so be sure to book your place early.

Tomorrow, Nic from Feltipedia has a place available on tomorrow mornings Felt Bags Workshop if you’d like to join in the fun.

Get in touch via facebook, or give the shop a call on 01695 580590

Patchwork & Quilting with Rosemary Johnson

To continue our new workshop season, we have an introduction to Patchwork coming up this Saturday with Rosemary Johnson.

Originally from Donegal, Rosemary moved over to the UK to study Art in Endsleigh College, Hull. She now lives in the Trough of Bowland and is inspired by the beautiful countryside, which is not dissimilar from the beauty and colour of County Antrim which is reflected in her work.


She has quilted for 13 years and is coming to Knit Wise to share her expertise with us.  She’ll introduce us to patchwork


with this Grandma’s flower basket pattern, then we have follow up workshops in the next few months that will build on the skills you learn and maybe one day we can produce something as magnificent as Rosemary has on her site here:

If you’d like to join us on Saturday, its 10am – 4pm, £30, bring your own material, or buy from our range on the day.

Places are going very quickly so  book soon, or reserve a place for next time.

01695 580590


More than knitting…..

As you know, we are passionate about yarn here at Knit-Wise, but that’s not all we’re about.  We want to champion all crafts and for Knit-Wise to be a haven for all crafters.

For the last fortnight our window has been celebrating Feltmaking advertising the workshops that Nic, our feltmaker is running, which include felted bags, cobweb scarves and felted bootees.

2013-05-14 19.11.32


Nic is an experienced feltmaker and memeber of the International Feltmakers Association.



2013-05-14 19.11.37                                                 Felted Scarves

2013-05-14 19.11.42                                                   Jester Slippers

Workshops coming up include Felt Bags on Thursday 6th June at 10am and Needle Felting on Thursday June 13th at 10am.

For more information, see our events page on Facebook or call the shop on 01695 580 590

We’ll be posting our Beginners Workshops all this week, so keep popping back for more information.